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17th, 18th, 19th OCTOBER

Underworld Live from the Roundhouse, London,
in association with Apple/Quicktime,

On 17 – 19 October Underworld will play 3 sold-out shows at the legendary London venue, the Roundhouse. Following on from their groundbreaking Web-TV broadcast from Cocoon Club (Frankfurt, 2006), Underworld mark the release of their latest studio album “Oblivion with Bells” by teaming-up with Apple/QuickTime to broadcast (free-to-air) all three Roundhouse shows Live from their website (

Long-time Underworld collaborator Simon Taylor (tomato) will be directing the broadcasts from the Roundhouse with the help of members of the Roundhouse Studios. While the Roundhouse is perhaps best known as a music and performing arts venue, at its heart is the Roundhouse Studios, located beneath the Main Space, a creative space for young people with high quality equipment and facilities for young people to engage with artists, professionals and their peers in order to develop and realise their creative aspirations.

The broadcast will be live and available to all, for free at ( from 8pm (UK) on 17th, 18th, 19th October).