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Ministry of Dirty is the collective of ongoing projects by members of the Dirty community.

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Born Dirty is a fan site dedicated to the band Underworld. Our purpose is to promote interest in the band / band members and their activities.

Our ultimate goal is to be the only place to find concise information relating to the band.
Born Dirty Skype Chat room

The community forums revolving around fans of Underworld. Originally conceived as “dirty list”, a mailing list started by Scott Warner in 1997.

Dirty Forums

Originally launched in 2001, broadcasts a diverse playlist of House, Techno and Electronic music.

RTSR-trade was founded by Graham Cooke as an alternative to the official underworld dirtylist, where at the time discussion of trading bootleg live gigs was understandably banned.

The Yahoo based discussion group enters around trading of live Underworld bootlegs.

RTSR Board of Trade
RTSR-trade Yahoo Group

A comprehensive source of information for all known Underworld live gigs.

The Underworld Gigography

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