Underworld’s Olympic soundtrack, “Isles of Wonder”, released!

Published: by Todd.

The XXX Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies just concluded, and the combination of Danny Boyle and Underworld was tremendous!  As promised, the soundtrack album, Isles of Wonder: Music For the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, is available for purchase NOW on iTunes and Amazon MP3, with a physical double-CD release coming next week.

Digital download:  iTunes UK, Amazon MP3 UKiTunes USAmazon MP3 US
CD pre-order:  Amazon UKAmazon US

There was plenty of Underworld music to be heard during the ceremonies.  Two new brand new Underworld pieces were composed:  “And I Will Kiss” and “Caliban’s Dream” totaling over 24 minutes!

Additionally, there were a lot of new remixes of classic Underworld songs by High Contrast and Darren Price featured during the Parade of Athletes.  The full tracklisting of Underworld songs on the album is:

  1. And I Will Kiss – 17:15
  2. Caliban’s Dream – 7:15
  3. Always Loved a Film (Instrumental) – 3:04
  4. Dark and Long (Dark Train) – 3:46
  5. Minneapolis (High Contrast Remix) – 6:12
  6. Confusion the Waitress (Darren Price and High Contrast Remix) – 1:22
  7. Moon in Water (Instrumental) – 2:42
  8. Crocodile (High Contrast Remix) – 2:39
  9. Dirty Epic (Darren Price and High Contrast Remix) – 2:56
  10. Dark and Long (Darren Price & High Contrast Remix) – 3:27
  11. Rez (High Contrast Remix) – 6:23