New merchandise added to Underworld Shop

Published: by Todd.

Underworld has recently updated the Underworld Shop with a lot of new merchandise (which would have been nice to have on the tour last year).

Some of the most prominent items are new music items.  Rick’s Bungalow with Stairs album has been released as a bundle with the Exhibition Catalog from Karl’s What’s going on in your Head when you’re Dancing exhibition last year.  Both items are limited editions (the catalog is numbered).

The last remaining stock of the 2007-2008 Live Here Now albums has been listed in the shop.  This is the last chance to purchase them on CD.

Additional music products include an Oblivion with Bells bundle that includes a signed tour book, and several Barking bundles that include clothing items.

A small stock of Everything Everything Record Bags from 2000 has been found, and are going fast.  They’ve also put out a number of new T-shirt designs, including a limited run of Scribble shirts.  There are a number of additional accessories available too, such as cotton shoppers, Barking iPhone cases, and a Barking Buff.