The Bells, The Bells!!!!

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Today, The Bells! The Bells! Was over-the-counter stock!
Early in the shops have already started to sell it! !

New topics of the “Parc” is this album is only聴ける! !
Please miss no! !
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Fuji Rock Festival’08-Day 2 7 / 26 (Sat) to determine the headliner of the Underworld special album “The Bells! The Bells!” (CD + DVD + art books) today (June 25, 2007) and Release.

TOWER RECORD charting , the first Canadian to win and also a big hit.

In addition, the launch was, Traffic’s HP is the album’s contents,
J-WAVE 20 anniversary as a campaign topic boiling in the New Song “Parc” and listening, Tomato and directed by John UOUIKKA latest PV “Ring Road” to start streaming. “Ring Road” of PV, Karl Hyde debut rap scene! Must see.
(Streaming in to see →

Fuji Rock Festival until a month!
Until then, listening to this album, look, feel and enjoy, please! !

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