Hamburg reviews

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 This Archive was originally published as part of Lloyd's blog which closed in 2008. Some of the links to other sources such as images, videos and external websites may be missing.

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new setlisting by DaddyAdv…

Long noisy intro into
Pearl’s Girl
Can you feel this bass into
Born Slippy.NUXX
Billy Goat Improv into
Airtowel (long improvised intro)
Two Months off (with an improvised break in between)
Improv with a Bleeping Loop into
King of Snake (with the bleeping loop)
Improv and Poem into
Boy Boy Boy
Improv (Karl on Guitar and heavy bass) into
Crocodile into
Five Foot Five into
Bamboo (with Karl Cam)
Improv into
Beautiful Burnout

DarkTrain Choir
Born Slippy Original

Some pictures by mahumba

Thanks 🙂