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I don’t know what will happen, but either underworld or their new clip of crocodile will be on japanese telly september 11th at 22:54 local time on NTV in News Zero says the traffic site.

Correct me (again) please if my online translators make a mess of things.

Found this site and had it translated with an online app into this:
On September 12th single “Crocodile”, and long-awaited new album ‘ Oblivion with Bells ‘ you refrain from release on October 3rd, the techno monarch andthe underworld. The cirque hydro which is that center (the vocal and guitar charge), reporting program of the Japanese television type which 22 this day September 11th:54 is broadcast from <> performing urgently it was understood. Inside program that monopoly interview is done, talk theme November visiting Japan performance, furthermore when the design company where they have related <> to the fact that regarding it becomes colorful contents is from the new album. The fan regardless, not to overlook! In addition, because performing to the same program to also October where the album becomes release is planned, that one in the pleasure.

Have great time with the puzzle 😉