Wintermix ’06

Published: by lloyd.

 This Archive was originally published as part of Lloyd's blog which closed in 2008. Some of the links to other sources such as images, videos and external websites may be missing.

There is a ‘wintermix 06’ you can find here at a japanese site with 3 UW mashups in it.
01. Underworld vs. Madonna 『2 Months Of Light』 (manriki)
02. Madonna vs. New Order 『Hung Up On a Blue Monday』 (Datafreq)
03. New Order vs. Kylie Minogue 『Can’t Cash You Out Of My Head』 (Daft Monkey)
04. Kylie Minogue vs. Vanilla Ice vs. Modern Talking 『Ice Ice Kylie』 (DJ Schmolli)
05. Modjo vs. Anastacia 『Lady I’m Outta Love (Club Mix)』 (Ieebuzz)
06. Lil’ Louis vs. Daft Punk 『Lil’ Louis is a Daft Punk』 (simpleton)
07. Underworld vs. Starship vs. Peaches 『Starships are Born Slippy』 (Fidelski)
08. Underworld vs. New Order vs. Coldplay 『Crystal (Slippy White Shadows 12 Inch Mix)』 (Tigerbluemusic)