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This link was posted today at dirty board and rtsr http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/05-12/07.shtml#underworld

Some quotes of this interview:
He assured us, however, that Underworld have by no means forsaken traditional music release formats; indeed, the band plans to issue a number of remixes of segments culled from “Lovely Broken Thing” and “Pizza for Eggs” on 12″ vinyl. A portion titled “JAL to Tokyo” received remix treatment from house DJ Paul Woolford and has been making a stir among club mavens. It will be followed by remixes from Martinez, Paul Heller, and Robag Wruhme.
Nothing much new here..

Hyde and Smith compile their own program now, on which “every music genre is fair game,” and share it via their multimedia internet headquarters dirty.org. Episodes see light intermittently, and Hyde hopes to do another before Christmas.
Great! 🙂

“We were kind of jamming in the studio earlier this year, and it was kind of obvious that something was kicking off there,” Hyde said of working with Eno. “We’ve given him some stuff and he’s given us some stuff. We have these conversations and meet and talk and play each other’s stuff, and he’s quietly getting on with something we’ve given him, and we’re waiting for his response and we’ll kind of take it from there. Really, just the doors are open, so if somebody walks in, something can happen, you know?”

There was a post at uwlive.com some time ago about working with Brian Eno.. Let’s hope this will see the light of day sometime! :o)