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Old 02-05-2021, 12:24 AM
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Neorev's Lost Rave Album 2002-2005

After nearly 20 years, I think it is time to share my old unreleased and unfinished lost rave album written back in 2002-2005. I had a little following amongst Prodigy fans thanks to having my music on some fan compilation albums created by fan forum communities. I even got radio play in Italy on Radio 101 thanks to my appearance on the Brainkiller Presents Music From The Jilted Generation compilation series in 2003. I dug up the old raw demos and shared them on YouTube. I sadly lost all the project files and sounds in a hard drive crash. Three years of work went poof. Some of my old tracks have popped up on various YouTube channels. So figured it's time to say "What the hell" and share it with the world. At the time, I was a fresh faced, naive teenager, who was still a noob at music production and trying to find my sound. Just some fun rave music and heavy breaks inspired by the 90s warehouse rave scene.

15 tracks + 12 bonus tracks, additional artwork, & text file w/ download link to original raw & unmastered demos

Bandcamp Friday begins (aka Midnight Pacific time / 3AM EST) on February 5th, 2021. It will run for the next 24 hours. During this time, Bandcamp removes their revenue share. And if you buy the album during it, feel good knowing 100% of the sales will go direct to the artist. For the Bandcamp release, I did some EQ work and remastering to give the tracks a little more oomph. But as a bonus, the Bandcamp download will include a TXT file with the bonus items. This TXT file includes a Dropbox link to the untouched original raw MP3 demos so you can hear the album as it was from nearly 20 years ago.

Available Now:

Thank you all so much for your support!

Stay safe & stay healthy,
- NR -

Old 02-07-2021, 01:55 AM
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Re: Neorev's Lost Rave Album 2002-2005
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