Underworld Drum & Bass Mini-Mix on URB

Published: by Todd.

URB Magazine has secured a Drum & Bass Mini-Mix from Underworld in light of “Scribble”‘s success, highlighting some of Underworld’s past drum & bass influenced tracks.  The mix includes another appearance of the still unreleased Hype & Zinc remix of “Bruce Lee.”

  1. ”Pulp Fiction” – Alex Reece
  2. ”Banstyle” Underworld (Alex Reece remix)
  3. ”Bruce Lee” Underworld (DJ Hype & DJ Zinc remix)
  4. ”Scribble” Underworld (Netsky remix)
  5. ”Pickett Line” DC Breaks
  6. ”Shock Out” Danny Byrd

Head on over to Urb.com to download this mix.