Rick Smith in Future Music [Interview]

Published: by Todd.

This month’s Future Music magazine, issue 232, includes an in-depth interview with Rick Smith.

Rick goes into detail regarding his creative process, for past projects, as well as how it has changed for Barking.

For every 10 ideas that go somewhere, there’ll be a hundred or more that just get put into the computer and forgotten about.  The beauty of computers, of course, is that you can come back to that idea one month or one year or ten years later and listen to it with fresh ears.  There might be one great groove in there.  Or one incredible sonic idea.  Or maybe just a snare drum that you like.  You pull all those bit together – the old and the new – and, at some point, it starts to feel like an album.

He also discusses the equipment he’s used and his studio setup:

We’ve actually got four studios and I’ve tried to make them all identical.  That way, I can take an idea from one room to the next, and theoretically, I shouldn’t have to do too much messing around.  Each one has the same Macintosh Intel machine running Logic and whatever room I’m working in will have a Roland VP-330 Vocoder.

Future Music 232 is available for purchase now at magazine shops or on the Future Music website.