Drowned in Sound in-depth with Karl Hyde [Interview]

Published: by Todd.

Drowned in Sound has an excellent interview with Karl Hyde today.  They go very in-depth about many aspects of Underworld from Barking all the way back to the genesis of “Rez.”

We’d put out some club tunes that had done well and [Rick had] got to a point where he’d gone into the studio and couldn’t write anything. He came downstairs distraught and said to his wife, ‘I think I’m finished? I don’t think I’ve got anything left?’ Imagine that, how long ago ‘Rez’ was? Things would have been very different if that was the case. Anyway, his missus said ‘get back in that studio and don’t come out until you’ve written a great tune’ and he wrote ‘Rez’. Which spawned ‘Cowgirl’. We have a lot to thank those Essex girls for…

Head over to Drowned in Sound to read the entire interview.