Sydney NYE setlist

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Badhger at wrote the setlisty

Here’s the full setlist:

Beautiful Burnout
– Sydney Poem –
Pearl’s Girl
Jumbo (short sort of single version to play up to 30 secs from midnight!)

[as last 30 secs countdown opening strain of New Train was played but faded out with 10secs remaining]

Midnight and fireworks go off mentally behind the stage and Underworld start off the new year with the famous opening melody of..

Born Slippy NUXX/2003
Push Upstairs (Great longer version than what has been played recently live)
Small Conker And A Twix/You Do Scribble (really mental version that took a lot of people by surprise i think)
– sample intro –
Two Months Off
– air raid siren –
Spikee (A FULL BLOODY 10 MIN VERSION OF SPIKEE!!! It was at this point that I wet myself with excitement and fully believed that they read my earlier request post)
Shudder/King Of Snake

It was a spectacular show and the great inclusion of a lot of older and new tunes balanced the set perfectly. PLUS we were treated to TWO hours and not the original 1 1/2 hours they were down to play because Eric Prydz cancelled…which was perfect. Hope the same happens on Saturday at the Gold Coast.

Countdown to 00:00 and beginning of .NUXX

And a blog entry about the concert

vids from he crowd will be posted here in hd qual.