Electric Picnic reviews setlist etc

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First reviews are in:
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Eesbee thinks to remember this of the setlist:

Started with Spoonman then hit KoS, BBurnout, 2 months off, Rez/Cowgirl and due to an overrun finished with BS.Nuxx and no encore. Much the same as other festival shows.
Updates might follow
ANd we have an update:

Porndog wrote:
Setlist, I wrote them down on the phone as they were coming up: Spoonman, Glam Bucket, Rez/Cowgirl, Beautiful Burnout, Two Months Off, You Do Scribble, King of Snake, Born Slippy.Nuxx. Pretty sure that’s accurate.

Interview with Karl http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=8k8EOujT6AE