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Yesterday evening Underworld played at the All Points West festival in New Jersey.
potatobroth noted this setlist:

I’m pretty sure this was the order, but I might be mistaken or have missed something.

0. Intro
Some samples and what not. Sounded good as the first chords struck for…
1. Glam Bucket
Had to be 10+ minutes long and was slamming. Rick was tweaking every last drop out of the desk and karl was strumming as hard as he could.

2. Cowgirl/Rez Outro
3. Pearl’s Girl
4. Jumbo
The beginning started out as Nicodermus but it later transformed into Jumbo proper.
5. Two Months Off
Light balloons without lights in them. The show was while the sun was still shining bright.
6. Born Slippy .NUXX
7. Shudder/King of Snake
Karl’s head-slam-cam went out for awhile. Not sure if he realized it or not but it was funny to see him still bopping away to that bass beat even while we all saw no picture.
8. Moaner
This killed. It was amazing! Unfortunately the show had to end there but I think this is the one that got the crowd pumping the most.

Troy McClure found us this slideshow at yahoo news

In the setlist of the 2nd encore by Radiohead, the festival headliner:
25. Everything In Its Right Place (Thom: “This one is dedicated to Underworld. They are a big influence on us.”)

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