News about oblivion ball live album at traffic site

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The Traffic site reports about the release of the Oblivion Ball live cd.

translated by google:
Finally tomorrow, Makuhari Live CD, “Live at OBLIVION BALL 24. Eleven. 07” to release the Underworld.
Attention sample CD package arrived! !

Two pairs of digipack format specification and now works, but the jacket photo is OBLIVION BALL MAKUHARI ART JAM at the site was done in a live painting Karl Hyde’s own painting part of a cutting! !
The venue should go to remember you may have a 45 m x 7m huge boards from the right of the second film is actually a work by Karl Hyde. (Photos are small and difficult to understand, but on the third from the left side of the photo, please refer to.)

In addition to the jacket photo of this artwork, MAKUHARI ART JAM part of the work is being used. We hope also to sit down and enjoy your hands, please.

Japan concerts from just one month of this work was released by the Japanese exclusive release of the first complete production-limited.
Just Underworld from the Japanese fans for just delivered a Christmas present! We hope you miss a lot! !