Crocodile 12"s

Published: by lloyd.

 This Archive was originally published as part of Lloyd's blog which closed in 2008. Some of the links to other sources such as images, videos and external websites may be missing.

More info about what’s on the fortcoming 12″ versions of Crocodile.
on the Different label:

A. Album version
B. Hunteman Remix

A. Peter Heller remix
B. Ame/Innervisions remix
(new remix to me!)

UK version: Uwr00016
A. Peter Heller remix
B. Hunteman Remix

Download versions in mp3 are showing up in online stores.
The Crocodile Ame/Innervisions remix is then 10mins 27secs

While searching for the rumoured Ame remix, I also saw OwB as double LP in online stores :o)