Denver Fillmore

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Denver Fillmore 11-9-2007 reviews and pictures.
Sadly it wasn’t at the Red Rocks venue.

Wow, really cool show. Yeah Karl said we’d all (at the fillmore) be getting a free copy of OwB due to the fiasco of moving the show from Red Rocks.

Not exactly sure of the exact setlist, but basically this was it:

Dirty Epic
improv + Crocodile
improv + Dark Train
Beautiful Burnout + five ft five
New song? (Karl on guitar) (Glam Bucket I presume)
Two Months Off (with Darren’s Can you feel this bass intro) (anony mouse says there was also “Drink My Honey” by Lords of Acid mixed in there)
Born slippy
King of Snake
Pearls Girl

Encore: Jumbo
Song by song pictures again here at
And also more here at dustin’s site + twitter stream
Pictures by energetik.