Efes one report/tracklist

Published: by lloyd.

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“I just want to say to people that i watched listened many underworld sets/bootlegs, istanbul gig was i think one of the best since 2000/2001. they were coming to turkey for the first time, crowd were waiting for them for a long time so it was an emotional experience for us. i think band liked it too. people shocked here news about greece, we cant believe it happened just one day later, after an amazing atmosphere here in istanbul. Anyway, about set list, they definitely played these tracks:

mmm… skyscraper i love you (very interesting version)
some improv. with juanita/kiteless
dark & long – dark train
all these things
some sounds from riverrun – i think
one song i never heard of – maybe from the new album
two months off
push upstairs
(few songs which i dont remember)
born slippy
(encore) Jumbo (not moaner as was reported earlier)

Thnx ‘kowalski’ at dirty.