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Yesterday there was a piece about the Efes Pilsen One Love Festival in the Turkish Daily News.

This is what they said about Underworld.
Istanbul debut:

The Group Underworld is considered the group that changed the fate of rock and techno music. Founded by the British duo Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, Underworld re-invented rave culture with every project they put forth making them just as relevant in the 2000s as they were when they first shocked and delighted listeners with their unique electronic music projects almost 20 years ago.

The architects of the standout track Born Slippy featured in cult director Danny Boyle’s film Trainspotting, Hyde and Smith’s song is accepted as one of the best summaries of the 1990s cultural evolution.

They are now famous for their dynamic and inspiring live performances; they proved that electronic music is not just pushing some buttons.

The first European date for the world tour in support of their fifth studio album seems to be the Efes Pilsen One Love Festival. The duo will also play as headliners in Greece at the Ejekt Festival, in Portugal at the Super Bock Rock festival and in Spain at the Monegros Festival. Tickets available at Biletix.