Report of the october 18th gig

Published: by lloyd.

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Marc/M.G. reported from the concert last night in vilnius

1> Big bloody mess at the door – shitty organisation, can’t smoke. They have just come on stage but they are still doing sound checks.
2> mmm skyscraper i love you
3> 2 new songs? then an amazing and loooooong version of biro the leggy, then juanita, it’s very very good and the audience are going crazy
4> Nuxx now – huge!
5> the sound is very very good, and ooooh! Tina…Tina… Push…Push… and Karl is killing himself laughing here
6> Moaner… and the green laser!
7> Finished better than it started. Rick and Karl and Darren very joyful and happy at the end.