Review(s) Cocoon 12-10-2006

Published: by lloyd.

 This Archive was originally published as part of Lloyd's blog which closed in 2008. Some of the links to other sources such as images, videos and external websites may be missing.

I’ll post reviews here in one topic as I find them.

Eikman of dirty/board (it was great to meet you!) wrote a review with a tracklist at his weblog, it is in german.
Some pictures at flickr by Geo.

A few phonecame videos by Lieven.

Webstream numbers: 19.666 viewers from 90 countries. The uwlive server got hit 150.000 times around the start of the stream (22:30) no wonder it had an hard time staying alive 😉

More pictures, by KoS this time.

More phonevideos at youtube by exobyte

More little videos

More pictures found on the web.

An interview with Sven Vath about the Cocoon concept. One line about the gig with Underworld int there.

2 more videos (parts of cowgirl and moaner)

A load of pictures by the photographers we saw all over the stage at the cocoonity website. You need to be a member there to full them at bigger or screensize.