Apple Quicktime newsletter

Published: by lloyd.

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Matt at dirty/board recieved the Apple Quicktime newsletter with this in it:
Apple have set this out to all Quicktime Newsletter Subscribers:

“On October 12, pioneers of the jam and conquerors of festival crowds Underworld and master of the dance-floor and one of the world’s finest DJs Sven Vath will join forces for a once-in-a-lifetime live broadcast event from Cocoon Club in Frankfurt.

Cocoon Club was conceived as an avant-garde field experiment for transforming space and perception. As such it provides the ideal backdrop for this collaboration which extends to all aspects of the show’s production — Underworld, Sven, the space, crowd, light, film, sound and Internet.

The event represents a new concept for live music experiences. How will it actually work and what will they actually do? You’ll need to tune in to this special 3-hour live performance, exclusively in QuickTime, to find out.”

Thnx for the info.