Update time!

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It has been a while since the last update. I’ve been busy with other things.
Ok updates:
1. If you’re not attending the Cocoon, Frankfurt Oct. 12th show, be sure to log in at underworldlive.com during that gig. There will be a live webcast of this event. I did hear a little bird wisper that they hope to use extra bandwide for high(er) quality broadcasting this time. Let’s hope that works out!
Tickets for this concert are sold-out!
Dirties, read the board.

2. I picked up JAL to Tokyo 12″ (UWR008) at rare-records, I think the artwork is great. It even has the lyrics at the front.

3. The Breaking & Entering movie release is scheduled for November 17th in the UK. (as read at the dirty/forum).

4. The Breaking & Entering soundtrack will be released October 1st 2006 in Europa.
CD | V2 Records | 01.11.2006
barcode EAN: 5033197435527 (As read at rtsr mailinglist).