underworld promos spotted at ebay

Published: by lloyd.

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There are 3 promos for sale for a ridiculous price at Ebay.
But it gives us a chance to see what’s there.
Update 13-8: sold for GBP 123.20

1. Jal To Tokyo (Paul Woolford Vocal)
2. Jal To Tokyo (Paul Woolford Dub)
3. Play Pig (Buick Project Mix 1)
4. Play Pig (Buick Project Mix 2)

1. Play Pig (Pig & Dan Mix 1)
2. Play Pig (Pig & Dan Mix 2) cdprint is wrong, has pig&dan mix1 on it.
3. Peggy Sussed (Robag Mix With Melody)

1. Peggy Sussed (Pete Heller Vocal)
2. Peggy Sussed (Pete Heller Dub)
3. Vanilla Monkey (Martinez Mix)
4. Lenny Penne (High Society Mix)