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Webcast is still going on. The radio 3fm/3voor12 bit has ended already.
Karl had some news to tell us, Geo sums it up for us.

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So, there will be live shows during this year!
Plus a new riverrun on June 5th!
Plus 12″ releases from their own label during the summer!
Plus a Physical album!
Plus another soundtrack!
Crazysugarboy added:
…and, did I hear karl right, tracks from the broadcast on the archive??
Cured had this to add:
bits on the archive is one thing…but I imagine someone has the whole shebang.
So I buy the next release of riverrun and (since I bought the previous two) I get another mix for free? Har har!

Last nights tracklist can be found at

It’s over now, here’s the last pic of the webcam.