3voor12 / VPRO 3FM info

Published: by lloyd.

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Today the 3voor12 newsletter arrived in my mailbox and it had the info about the upcoming UW webcast in it. Also a link to a webpage about it. It’s in dutch ofcourse..

Quick translation:
3voor12BPM exclusively streams a liveset by Underworld. Somewhere in a little cabin in the British countryside, hidden from the eyes of curious fans, Underworld has located their state-of-the-art studio. Usually they intensivly work there on new material, but every now and then they want to stream a radio-set through their website www.underworldlive.com from there.
Coming saterday it’s the first time that they colaborate with another website. They’re going to stream a 2 hour exclusive radio-set at 3VOOR12BPM!
The radio-set will be something involving a radioshow and a live concert.
Manager Mike Gillespie of Underworld is excited over the collaboration. “We love VPRO”, he tells us by phone. Well, that suits us. It’s a pity Underworld only can stream audio, because for a decent videostream from the English countryside, there isn’t enough bandwidth. By satellite perhaps? Gillespie: “Rather not, because when the people in the village see one of those big trucks with a sat-dish stand besides the house, the whole fanbase of Underworld knows where to find them. And that would be the end of their tranquility. To the question if they use Groucho Marx spectacles when they drive to their secret hide-out, Gillespie answers:”No, but I will certainly suggest it to Karl.”

So, audio only… two hours of music by worlds most famous dance-act. Expect new material and information about a fortcoming release. Tune in saterday may 13th between 23.00 and 01:00 on 3FM, when Underworld broadcasts their exclusive radioset during 3VOOR12BPM. It sure will be something special.

Check out the underworld-site for more info.