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While doing a google and yahoo search for more infromation about the Funkagenda remix of dark ‘n long that was played on BBC radio 1 The Residency I found little bits and pieces about it and other remixes.
Full name seems to be: Underworld – Dark & Long (Funkagenda & Jaytay Central Exposure Mix).
Funkagenda’s website is

Because I saw that Paul Thomas played it in a set, I went searching for him. On a site about him there’s info he’s member of ‘punkrok’. This name did ring a bell ofcourse. The Jumbo remix we were after for so long! It’s used by Russel G in a mix you can download here, it kicks in at 57:20.
There’s a lot of names for that track out there…
Underworld – Jumbo (Punkrok Dex In The Summer Edit)
Underworld – Jumbo (Punkrok edit)
Underworld – Jumbo (Conceptual VS Punkrok Refix)
And this would be the same one that is out on vinyl called: Dexter Punks – Music From The Underground Vol 1 (767) I posted about some time ago.

Another booty ,Hacker DJ’s VS Underworld – Cowgirl, is out on vinyl too an can be found here, click on [mix] to hear a 1:45 sample of it in .ra .

Also found a listing in some DJ’s chart of: Underworld – Cups (Nova Prospect mix) [CDr] I can’t find more info about that one for now.