Interview at Justofftheradar

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the 10th I posted about the interview that Karl was going to have at a program called Justofftheradar at WUGA Athens, GA. I forgot about it till today cos I couldn’t listen to it ofcourse while I live in Holland.
But it’s archived now on the programs site here. Choose ‘show 111’ there. It’s a 54 mb mp3.
The interview starts at 18:52 mins into it.
Thnx Karl for announcing it to us at uwlive 😉

New to me in this interview:
The original pieces that were mixed into the EPs were (much) longer then we do hear now. They were given to Steve Hall, he edit/mix them into the EP form.
They talk about dirtyradioshows and how the receptions of the EPs were by other radiostations (BBC)
Great news is that they’re looking into offering playing live/DJ’ing kinda shows to radiostations around the world including videostream like the last lemonworld/dirtyradio show they did.
After they finish the filmscore, Rick and Karl will make another album with Gabriel Yared.
Karl reveals the 2006/2007 calander, atleast one more download EP possible more, phisical Album (early next year), not a lot of concerts this year, more live experiments (webcasts), the book with Warricker and a series of films, major touring in 2007.
Nice interview with lots of news.