Debbie and Karl…

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I just finished downloading Deborah Harry – London, Wembley Stadium 13.07.91 as a torrent.
This gig was part of the …. Tour.
This concert was part of “SUMMERXS”, a festival headlining INXS.

Karl in an old interview :
“So I did that in 1991(playing with Debby Harry). It was a great tour, because we were touring with Iggy Pop, Sisters of Mercy and Billy Idol sometimes. We did that thing with INXS at Wembley stadium. I got my dad down just so I could say

“I played Wembley dad, sorry it’s not football but it’s the best I could do.”

A picture of Karl and Deborah during the tour here
And 2 of the pictures that came with the torrent below