news #39 new underworld releases on Itunes!

Published: by lloyd.

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While searching for the Japanese LOUD magazine cos Underworld are on the cover of the new #131 isue (there is also a Electraglide pocket version of it), I read something about itunes in combination with JAL to Tokyo..

I didn’t have Itunes yet but installed it and had a look at the Japanese store….
Looks like Underworld – JAL to Tokyo made it #3 in a download Top 10

Browsing the japanese itune store I saw there was a JAL to Tokyo single (5:46) but also this!

A JAL to Tokyo EP with a 2 second longer version (duh…) and 2 other songs and also the Paul Woolford Remix of JAL to Tokyo!!! There is different Artwork for both.
Ancient Phat Farm Coat we did hear already in one of the dirty lemon sessions.
Food a Ready is a ambient piece.
These don’t show up in the dutch store, didn’t check others.
Paul Woolford talks a little about remixing Underworld here (scroll down)
(screendumps of and itunes software)