12-11-2005 I Love Techno review #2

Published: by lloyd.

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I found some reviews of ILT in Belgium newspapers etc, all in dutch.

De Standaard
At I Love Techno also programmed live concerts. One of the biggest names on the bill was the live band Underworld, which already played at Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter. The hall in which the band played did fill up to maximum capacity fast and who was there in time didn’t regret it. The live-set was great from beginning to end, and the well known songs like ‘Born Slippy’ made the crowd more then thankfull.

picture 2 is one of Karl. Click on ‘video’ to see a little report about ILT, the first bit is Underworld.

Het Volk
Underworld Absolute top.

A whole lot less energetic was it in the blue room, where dj Magda was playing. The Polish born but Detroit raised could only amaze in a lesser degree in a half filled hall. Lots of people probably then moved to the yellow room where the absolute top act of the night was setting up for their live set. And that Underworld, nowdays without Darren Emerson, still is the best live act in the genre, they proved with full conviction. Every spot in the hall was filled. Lucky we could also be in the Switch Video Room, a circular shaped hall in the middle of Flandres Expo where you could watch the Underworld concert at 9 large screens. Long Live techno(logy)!

4 phonecam videos to (mega)download in this forum, scroll down to find them.
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