Dirty BeNeLux tour

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I Came home from work a few hours back, had late shift.. Now I can finally update this blog with the latest news.

I got home at 5 am this morning from ILT in Gent belgium, the 4th gig of the mini tour Underworld did the past few days. It has been a great time, driving around the benelux, meeting all dirties and enjoying the shows. We’ve met loads of friendly people, helping us to get in the right directions etc, random strangers that did see our Tshirts or the banner or hear us talk about the gigs coming up to us and asking about dirty.org and underworld. And ofcourse other fans, man.. the fans. It’s them making the show together with rick, darren and karl. I still get goosebumps (chickenskin/anttits (inside joke alert)) everytime BS.nuxx or KoS or Moaner or Rez kicks in and the few 100 to 5500 people started to cheer, clap, shout and wave their arms…
4 shows in 4 days.. 4 totally different shows, 11 hours of live music by our favorite band. That’s how we like it! :o) I’ll post tracklistings later when we have them all together, atm it’s all a bit blurry. There’ll be picture links too, I didn’t have time to search for them yet.

In the mean time:
Underworld released their first now musical outing through Underworldlive.com. You can buy ‘lovely broken thing’, a 28 min mix of 7 new tracks, there with coverart and photo’s made by Karl. Tracknames are: “jal to tokyo”, “billy goat”, “peggy sussed”, “dub shepherd”, “lenny penne”, “monkey wink” and “witness”.

Underworld will be recording the show they will be doing at Electraglide. This will be sold after the show there as a 3cd, only to the audience at the venue.

I won a promo picture of UW mk1 and a drinkstoken coin thing that was used during the gig at the HMH earlier this year at ebay.
*off* *sleep*