Report: 2005-11-10 013, Tilburg Second gig in the Mini EU tour

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Just back from Tilburg.

Well.. 2nd gig at the same venue so I won’t talk about that other then it’s the best place to see underworld with a lot of fans. I forgot to mention the GREEN LASER in my report about the first gig I think? Well… it was there, going mental during KoS and Moaner, and it did again today.
I love it when it waves down over the crowd.

We did meet up with some 15 people at the bar Extase, had a great chat with people we did meet before the HMH gig earlier this year and ‘old time’ friends we speak more often. I had a great time, thanks for coming everybody. (as if they had a choice… everybody was holding tickets for everybody it seemed)

Same easy enterance as last night, although we had to line up for a few minutes before getting in.
We found a spot to stand really near to the gate that fitted the people we were with and to have a little space to dance/move. Lots of chatter with old time friends while Darren was showing of his DJ skills again.

They came on stage, rick and karl first, then darren. I have to tell that the stagehand was on stage a few times too, kicking gear back into right order.
This was a totally different show then the first night, started different and ended different too.
Tracklisting is all blurry again.. got to renew my RAM I think.
This time around, ofcourse Moaner and BS.nuxx/2003/nuxx with some more tweaks. Dark Train again \o/ Some of the new tracks, 2 very ‘soft’ parts in the show, what I think will be moviescores or ambiantish pieces for the web. Again they dropped samples of loads of other songs during the entire show, Karl sang the criminals fugitives sample live! We did hear TMO today.. and the encore, yes this time they did one, was Jumbo. By that time I was standing in the front and got a high five by Karl We got the banner on the projection screen this time.
So.. loads of new stuff and some crowdpleasers. Wicked concert.
2 down, 2 to go!

2 bad pics of my fuji cam: 1 and 2