Report: 9-11-2005 013 Tilburg Holland EU show #1

Published: by lloyd.

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013 Tilburg 9-11-2005

First one of the 2 concerts at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland.

The 013 is a rather new building, specially build for concerts by ‘pop’bands. It’s wider then it is deep and the floor is build stairswise so everybody is able to see the stage. There was one big screen at the back of the stage and there were 2 screens at the sides. They had 2 BIG projectors on the stage for the backscreen. The mixingdesk and the gearrigs were there too ofcourse.. Karls guitar was on stage too but never left it’s stand There were I think 5 cameras pointed at the desk, one at the audience and then Karls mini camera with a long wire. The lightshow wasn’t very big but it was enough to change moods, including 2 crowdblinders which were used during moaner.

When we entered the venue, our tickets were scanned and then we could go on inside to leave our jackets and bags at the cloackroom. No searching whatsoever..
We did meet up with a couple of people and went into the main hall. Darren Price was already spinning a great selection of tunes. While drinking softdrinks and heineken (no beer there..) we talked for a while, were asked details and info about underworld cos people standing around us thought we knew a lot about them, dunno why

Then the gang came on stage while there was a bass/drumloop gaining volume.
Rick bent down over the mixingdesk, adjusting the last settings, Darren had a look at the gear/puterrig and Karl waved to the audience as for a welcome.
The first tune kicked in, a new tune with medium beat which already got the crowd going. Lights went low and the lightshow lid up………. to not stop for another 3 hours!
Because this was a rollercoaster of sound, I lost track of the exact tracklisting. They played ongoing mixes that lasted

30 minutes sometimes. Dropping in samples and bits all over the place during the whole show.
I remember Juanita, Push Upstairs, KoS very long version with a crazy going laser, BS.nuxx/2003/nuxx + HUGE applause afterwards, Moaner with a very long intro building and building and building into the darkest and strongest versions I ever did hear, Dark train and Rez. Somewhere in there… Shake T Higher, You do Scribble and lenny penn and I believe JAL to Tokyo were played too.

Inbetween songs Karl talked a little to the audience, telling that there was a track released today (nov 9th) and that that was the first of what we’ll going to be seeing of them in the future, including the music for the movie. He thanked the crowd for showing up 3 times

After Rez it was all over, Karl came down to earth (only a little I bet) Darren and Rick walked to the front of the stage, waving to the crowd absorbing the cheering and the applause. Huges, pats on backs and heads… high 5’s with the people at the front of the audience and off they went.

After that there was a little afterparty where I think Darren spinned some more nice tunes that kept the vibe going and included a TMO remix.

Amazing concert, great crowd and the best band in the world!