2005 Tour #48

Published: by lloyd.

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Wouldn’t it be great.. an Island full of youths, music and art… 8 days of party and seeing Underworld?
It is real! Next stop in this years tour is Sziget festival in Hungary.

Underworld (bio) will be on the Main stage the 11th at 21:30.
“Sziget Festival has owed us Underworld for a long time. It was very hard to arrange the right date with the band but now finally Sziget has managed to fix the time, so this year Born Slippy won’t be performed hilariously by Mambo Kurt on stage but there will be a real Underworld party.”
Indeed better have the real thing I’d say ;o) Although Mambo Kurt’s version of BS is rather fun.

There is a festival cd with Underworlds – TMO on it.
Loads of links and interesting stuff to explore at the official Sziget site. One of the more interesting ones is going to be this media link.