2005 Tour #21

Published: by lloyd.

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WOW, wow, wow! What a concert at the HMH! We got 2 hours of a wicked energy flow from the stage. Juanita was played….. a Uber-long KoS and 4 new songs/tracks. The first hour was mixed together with very nice improvs. Thanks boys! Super concert.
Tracklist: (thnx KoS)
01 new track
02 improv
03 juanita
04 pearl’s girl
05 improv
06 BS Nuxx/2003
07 new track
08 Push Upstairs
09 new track
10 King of Snake
11 Cowgirl/Rez
12 Jumbo

Meeting all those people from dirty and rtsr before the concert was great too. We had beers etc in the sun with some 20+ people from all over the globe.
More pictures here ,both gig and meeting