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Today 3voor12 posted an ‘interview’ with Karl at their site (in dutch)

I corrected the bablefish translation in half an hour, so there could
be some errors in my english.

Price will reinforce Underworld live!

The band plays solex, Kopna Kopna and The Suicidal Birds during their

It seems as if Underworld has taken the previous years off. Nothing is
less true: The British duo prepares a new album, they write film
music,do webcasts and tour this summers European festivals, among
which also 05 Days Off. DJ Darren Price will reinforce the duo during
the concerts. Frontman Karl Hyde: "also Rick Smith will sing, at
least, he gets a microphone in the front of his nose".

' Lager, Lager, Lager, Lager '. The irony wants it that Born Slippy by
the British elektronica act Underworld will go into history as a
drinking anthem. Whereas front man writes Karl Hyde nevertheless
artistic texts. "ah, the most of my texts have nevertheless already a
double meaning", Hyde smooths over laconically. "The public frequently
makes the text more interesting than initially the intention was."

Underworld make the last preparations for the summertour at this
moment along the European festivals, where 05 Days Off is a part of.
And yes, there are new numbers, but Hyde dosn't want to give away how
they sound yet. We have in the meantime written as much as a couple
hundred new numbers. That goes very easily these days on laptops in
hotel chambers. A new album still is able appear this year. Hyde: "but
I don't want to pin myself down on nothing yet."

A another project is writing film music. Something that Hyde had on
his wantlist since the time they were called Freur in the eighties.
"it was a kick when I heared the Freur song Doot-Doot in the movie
Vanilla Sky a few years ago." For the film Breaking And Entering by
Anthony Minghella (Truly Madly Deeply) with Jude Law and Juliette
Binoche Underworld writes film music the Composer Gabriel Yared. Hyde:
That is very different to us, because we have never cooperated with
another Composer. We are now jamming, it will sound very spatially.

Besides that the band do regular webcasts via their Internet site. It
is striking that in the playlists of it Dutch material is not lacking:
The Suicidal Birds (tipped by means of the team of late John peel),
Kopna Kopna (tipped by a friend) and solex ("she is the female captain
Beefhart"). Hyde considers the webcasts as a good exercise: This way
we have to keep up with new music, it feeds us with new ideas. Did you
say we're playing with Blackstrobe in Amsterdam? Let me google for them".

What Underworld will play live, remains still a mysterie. Hyde: For
radio prerecordings we're always asked in advance what we will play.
We totally do not know that in advance, we reconstruct it always
afterwards. Hyde remembers the experimental chilled-out set at the
Soundfield during the Glastonbury festival of 1992 with great
melancholy. We can do two different sets, one for before midnight and
one for sun rise. That is a side which always we always had, but
nobody asks us for that anymore.

What Hyde dos want to tell though, is that Darren Price will reinforce
them on stage. Since Emerson is no longer part of Underworld, they had
to do everything with just the two of them. Fortunately live Price
will take some tasks from our hands. For this reason I could persuade
Rick Smith to sing a little, at least, he gets a microphone in front
of his nose. As a matter of fact, everything is ok agian between
Emerson and Hyde. They met eachother just befor Christmas by chance in
an ally in the Londons Soho. Hyde: I was photographing with my mobilephone
for a new photograph book, when I suddenly spotted him. We went to a
pub immediately. For that photograph book with Tomato stylist John
Warwicker, Hyde must make 36,000 photographs. "at this moment I have
9000, but it will succeed with the tournee due."

Underworld plays 17 July as part of the 5 Days Off festival at the
Amsterdam HMH.

p.s. Thanks VPRO/3VOOR12!