Just in #11

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Yeay! I have my Underworld/Tomato shoes :o)
After mailing a lot of addresses here in Holland I finally got an answer by Adidas yesterday. They told me there were 2 shops selling the music series. Funkie House in rotterdam and Subzero in Utrecht. Stimpee went to look for me at Subzero cos it’s around the corner for him, but they didn’t know a lot about when, where or what. So I drove to Rotterdam today… That is to say, I wanted to drive there. But because there was an accident at the highway to Tilburg it was closed down and a major trafficjam formed around Eindhoven. After spending to much time in the trafficjam I drove to Eindhoven central trainstation and took the train to Rotterdam cos on the radio the lenght of the trafficjams only lengthened more and more. Got on the train and was around 17:55 in Rotterdam. I walked through the city to the shop. Rain poured down with bits of ice in it, wind was blowing very cold. 🙁
I found the store and they had only one pair of size 43 1/3 (UK9/US9 1/2) left :o)
The price was a little more then I expected tho…
Had a little chat with the girls in the store about me comming from so far south just to get a pair of the shoes. I hope there were no pictures taken, one of the girls was waving a camera around… 🙁 Back to my home town…. When walking back I walked through some back street where dealers pushed their dope. At Rotterdam central railwaystation, police made an arrest, some doped up woman screaming like a pig. So I got my big city tour for people out of the sticks for sure today.