News #8

Published: by lloyd.

 This Archive was originally published as part of Lloyd's blog which closed in 2008. Some of the links to other sources such as images, videos and external websites may be missing.

In Fridays Spits, a dutch free newspaper, there was a little piece about the Underworld/Tomato shoes.

Translated it says:
Dance on shoes by Underworld
Dance-artists seem to be succesfull as designers too. To celibrate the 35th anniversery of the classical Adidas, the shoemaker asked some artists a sneaker for their music series. Also the dance-act Underworld was asked to design a sneaker. The result is a reflecting sneaker that will be in stores in march in limited quantities. The duo showed ,with the designburo Tomato that they formed in the 90’s, already that they could do more then design music. They made a PS-2 game, video-installations and published books with graphics.