Puppies* - 3:53


Is it warm or abyss,
it's beautiful today,
what you wanna do I'm happy,
I'm really happy,
I brought her these sorted rolls,
great it's blue ok,
scream it's a girl they sit,
the salty water skin,
14:39 liverpool street.

I feel some relief,
smiling behind glass,
smiling in air conditioning house,
do you want this weather no,
they say I'm 23 degrees a new meat,
I wish it would rain soon.

Waiting yes in funky colour brown glass,
writing a difficult address,
my machine straight out of the new velveteen riding,
soul-faced into Liverpool Street.

Chewing on the wall chewin' on the wall,
chewin' all the house bin d'you know what,
throat dust starving at the back wall slow motion,
show me two voice shirtless 25/7/94 may we remind you,
this is a no-smoking area,
two rubber shoes and leave me tonight at the side of the rails brake dust,
dog dust rubber glove part rat so much brown and white afford slips,
out of the tunnel on the rails,
yellow face with numbers in the yellow between the cracks,
43 68 Abbey Cross,
metal box waiting to slip into the shade,
something cool this geezer,
keeps staring at me.