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Oich Oich* - 8:38 - Live Jam



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Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there?
He got his dog, getting on in the rain,
god's dog getting on in the rain.
Speed train, the number 3.
Snoggers on the platform.
Effin' and blindin'.
Laugh it up, laugh it up, laugh it up.
Chopsy, chopsy.
Reaching down,
she raises her cellphone to her ear,
brings a cool wind out out of the wet night.
A drunk in his suit helped up the stairs by his gentle girl,
she sits him down, he looks dazed.
She raises her cellphone to her ear and laughs.
Reaching down she takes his hand,
he rises as she leads him away,
phone still to her ear.
Cool gentle wind,
cool gentle wind.
There's a slow train coming from the east,
and a fast one passing through from the west.
A snogger sits alone on opposite,
a green Marks & Spencer's bag under their feet,
and a kneecap boy and a three stripe leggy boy,
feet up on the seat on the blue velveteen,
green velveteen.
A boy leans into a girl with pink tights,
a pineapple hairdo,
leans back away from him, looks confident.
The three stripe leggy boy looks down yawning in an Arsenal cap,
looks down and picks up his nails,
going through the dark,
getting home,
stripely leggely boy.