aka "Cups / Pens"

Cups* - 11:45 - Album Version


The song was titled as "Cups / Pens" on a promo version of Beaucoup Fish. It is assumed that "Pens" refers to the second part of the song which is distinctive from the first part and has been informally identified as "Cups @8.20" when only the second part was played live.

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Bubble girl you feel like a movie.
And bubble blow bit faster, liquid.
And bubble fish take fast slow, fast, slow.
And bubble fire slow down, big slow up.
Blue, blue.
Blue, blue.

Little girl you chew gum, you loud gum chew.
Bubble blow big fast up, big fast up fish tank.
And bubble fire, slow down, big slow up,
And big fast up, heavy winds grass,
drips heavy, into liquid,
drips hard and thin for something quick.
Drips faster sometimes into my brain.
Falls hard, falls large into slow back,
slow, and small, and fast.

Spick of light across the horizon,
spick of light slide in a line,
body crosses over the ocean,
from left to right.

Bubble blue you come back, you slow down.
And bubble blow bit faster, big fast down.
And bubble fish take fast slow, fast slow.
And ba-bing, ba-bing, and ba-bing,
drips slow down.