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Old 10-12-2010, 12:35 AM
jose m
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Re: 2010-10-06 Zepp Osaka
Originally Posted by potatobroth View Post
All my opinions are from a superfan pov. All my concerns are thus, from this pov.

I would LOVE to have UW bill the first show of a 2-night set as 'only ambient songs' or 'only bsides' or whatever. I'd be in heaven.

Now, They Might Be Giants (weird comparisson but go with me) announce the format for each show they are going to do. Living near NYC, ive seen them live dozens of times and not a single show has been the same. Not remotely. They play small venues, play gigs in clusters (like last saturday of each week for the entire month), and do the following:

Sat 1: Entire Album X, + some random songs
Sat 2: No repeats at all between Sat 2 and Sat 3
Sat 3: No repeats at all between Sat 2 and Sat 3
Sat 4: Two part show, first half just the two founders and a beatbox, second part full band.

The point being, they aim smaller, and offer a huge variety. They get multiple attendees because the show is always different. When there arent enough fans, aim smaller and more intimate. Give reasons to get the remaining fans to go more often.

I loved that Underworld shows were always different. Its why i started collecting their bootlegs.

no harm in wishing.
as you say its what you think would be a good idea but clearly its not what rick and karl wanna do.
they like to travel in style,nice hotels,a full crew and a production and as bigger crowd as possible and why not?
they're getting on age-wise,they work loads,they travel all the time,they have to be away from family and friends and have all the usual baggage of life that people in their middle age have.........give 'em a break !
Old 10-12-2010, 02:27 AM
unwound floors
power before passion.
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Re: 2010-10-06 Zepp Osaka
Originally Posted by bazwint View Post
I wonder. I thought the static setlist would be ditched when the boys started to do their own shows but obviously not. They're still the dogs' live but I already find myself longing for the Barking era to end.
Concur. Their show here in Melbourne, Australia in June was the very first Underworld gig I've been to, and fuck me, it was honestly one of the most incredible experiences of my life - but it's a little disappointing, knowing they're just doing this setlist over and over again. Especially in light of the sort of incredible shows they're well-known for doing.

Whatever. They're still my favourites. <3
no words necessary.
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