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Old 09-06-2010, 01:59 PM
khondo dweller
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Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
According to Last.Fm, my twenty most listened to Underworld songs are as follows:
  1. Moon in Water [probably a combo of the original and the new one]
  2. Tongue
  3. Like a Swimmer
  4. Food a Ready
  5. Back in the Fears (AMSTM 1)
  6. Jumbo
  7. Most 'Ospitable
  8. Banstyle/Sappys Curry
  9. Best Mamgu Ever
  10. Born Slippy NUXX (Born Sleepy Remix by Warb)
  11. Second Hand
  12. Diamond Jigsaw (Live)
  13. Piano Modal (w/ Gabriel Yared)
  14. Minneapolis Airwaves
  15. Phonestrap 4
  16. Blueski
  17. So-Ree (w/ Gabriel Yared)
  18. Antirom track 5
  19. To Heal
  20. Simple Peal (original from the broadcasts)

How about yours?
Old 09-06-2010, 03:29 PM
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
Always Loved A Film (Silver Boots) (Live)
Dark Train ( Bootleg Babies )
Always Loved A Film (Live at Brixton Academy
Cups (Blue Mounttain Live Jams)
Confusion the Waitress (Bootleg Babies)
Lenny Penne (Remix) Lemonworld Broadcast
Spoonman (Dubnobasswithmyheadman)
Push Upstairs (Blue Mounttain Live Jams)
Juanita Kiteless (European Club Gig)
Lenny Penne (Lovely Broken Thing)
Bamboo (2008-06-11 Underworld Radio Show)
King of Snake - early demo
Two Months Off (Brixton Academy (31.10.08))
Pearl's Girl(Blue Mounttain Live Jams)
JAL to Tokyo (Lovely Broken Thing)
Mo Move (Live Jam) (Lemonworld Broadcast)
King of Snake pt 2 (Blue Mounttain Live Jams)
Born Slippy (European Club Gig)
King of Snake (Roundhouse 18th Oct 2007)
Jumbo (Beaucoup Fish)

I'm suprised Bamboo isn't higher... I love that Cups and the demo of King of Snake i do.
Old 09-06-2010, 04:46 PM
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
i'm not gonna excuse, i love scribble (yeah, i do):

Scribble (Radio Edit)
Strumpet (Live)
Always Loved A Film
Scribble (full length)
Between Stars (live)
Always Loved a Film (version 4)
Always Loved A Film (Radio Edit)
Ring Road (Autokratz Left Hand Drive Remix)
Parc (J-WAVE 20th Anniversary Song)
Push Upstairs
Phonestrap 1
Scribble (Instrumental)
Confusion the Waitress
Always Loved a Film (Album Version)
Deep Arch
Banstyle Sappys Curry
Old 09-06-2010, 06:21 PM
Sappys Curry
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
Big Meat Show
Dark and Long (Dark Train Mix)
Always Loved a Film (Version 1)
Deep Arch
Born Slippy
Food A Ready
Oich Oich
JAL to Tokyo (Live from Tokyo)
I'm a Big Sister...
JAL to Tokyo
Strumpet (Live)
8 Ball
Please Help Me
Simple Peal 1 (from a broadcast)
Puppies (from a broadcast, alternate version)
Pearl's Girl (Tin There)

This is not very accurate. I had play counts reset some time ago for some UW songs (dunno what the case was). There should be more from Dubnobass and STITI, as those are the UW albums I listen to the most, and there should be more OWB songs. I remember Faxed Invitation, Best Mamgu Ever, Crocodile, Good Morning Cockerel, and Boy, Boy, Boy being high up there in play counts. Lawl at how "I'm a Big Sister" is higher than some songs in play counts.

Edit: Oh, I remember why play counts were reset. I recently deleted all the UW albums I had that are MK II and MK III and then ripped the CDs (I have physical copies of the albums from Dubnobass through Barking) ... sorry, as I was saying, ripped the CDs to my hard drive in Apple Lossless format (Had them as 128 kbps AAC beforehand). That is why their playcounts are so low or at zero.

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Old 09-06-2010, 06:40 PM
never to part this sky
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
I'm going to put the play counts next to them because...I like to brag about how easily addicted I get to Underworld songs:

Best Mamgu Ever 343
Jumping Then Cran 164
Good Morning Cockerel 141
Simple Distinctive (Floating World) 133
Loads of Birds 129
Born Slippy 124
Five Points 99
Born Slippy .NUXX 92
Improvisation 83
(seriously) I'm a Big Sister, and I'm a Girl, and I'm a Princess, and this is my Horse 82
Cups 81
Shake That Higher 71
King of Snake (Ricks Bungalow Mix) 69
Risingson 65
Crocodile 65
Pizza For Eggs 60
Born Slippy.NUXX (Deep Pan) 56
Push Upstairs 56
Holding The Moth 56
Boy, Boy, Boy 56
You Do Scribble 55

( the rest of my Underworld plays, btwwww )

I haven't reseted my play count (never will) and I've been scrobbling since March 2006, a few months after I just got into Underworld. (September 2005.) For MONTHS I was listening to only them - I don't remember listening to anything else during that time.

And I don't really tag tracks with a '(Live from blah blah blah, ####)" in the title - but in the album. So multiple live "Improvisation"s are in one tag - which is weird, but whatever - I loved them all. And I left in the original tag for a live "Risingson" - but I'm fully aware of the right one.


And I have a total of 776 plays to the Breaking and Entering soundtrack and I only just watched the movie this past summer. 108 plays for "Counterpoint Hang Pulse" and 106 for "Broken Entered".
And 164 plays for the Sunshine soundtrack - though I don't think I have the properly tagged version. I have no idea what is, to be honest.
Old 09-06-2010, 06:46 PM
collateral damage
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
Screw Last FM or iTunes.

I listen to UW as follows:

If i want it banging, i turn on "Beaucoup Fish" and listne straight through. A friend in college reakoned that this was their best. I was into her, and into BF, too.

If i want it a little dark and adventurous, i grab STIT and listen straight through. It grabs your attention and doesn't let go. Pearls Girl is probably my least fave on the LP, just from overexposure.

If i want to hear the future, i put on Dubno....all the way through. I've spent plenty of hours in upstate NY and in NYC airport terminals with this to know that it's both experimental and urban. But it's also the sound of a band getting its act together.

I i want to recall surprises, i play AHDO - full through, First LP i awaitied as a fan. And it always makes me feel warm and autumnal, 6 hour drives home and that excelllent mix of what was done with BF and what would be in the future;.

If i want an ambient sort of chill out, i plop on OWB. Yes, it's not really banging, but it's clean and inspired and polished.

Now, if i want a breath of fresh inspiration, simpler tracks that still excite, i'll do Barking all the way through. It's different, but still UW, still quality, and still with surprises.

Maybe the RiverRuns were the most shocking and lived in my earphones for weeks/months, but all the albums have their memories, all the tracks are solid.
Believe in Billy Records
Old 09-07-2010, 12:08 AM
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
was excited to do this, then saw the list and realized most of them were just playing them to make a playlist work. boo.
Old 09-07-2010, 01:23 AM
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
Originally Posted by the-star-samurai View Post
(seriously) I'm a Big Sister, and I'm a Girl, and I'm a Princess, and this is my Horse 82
Hi there "listens to Big Sister far too much" buddy

It tops my list of most-listened to tracks on with 65 plays. "Big Sister" is pretty much my musical equivalent of comfort food.. if I'm feeling down, I turn to that mp3 file and utterly revel in how gorgeous it sounds. So I dunno, maybe that means I'm depressed a lot, who knows.

The rest of my list is basically a mix of the Riverruns and OWB rather than the earlier albums, because I already listen to them obsessively at work and don't have there.
Old 09-07-2010, 01:37 AM
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
Here is my top 20 of UW-tracks since feb '08:

1. To Heal 42
2. Faxed Invitation 39
3. Best Mamgu Ever 33
4. Jumbo 27
5. Simple Peal 1 26 (taken from
6. Good Morning Cockerel 23
7. 8 Ball 21
8. Scribble (Radio Edit) 20
9. Beautiful Burnout 19
10. M.E. 18
Organ 18
Diamond Jigsaw 18 (combined live and album versions)
13. Loads of Birds 17
Big Meat Show 17
15. Dark Train 16
Holding The Moth 16
Glam Bucket 16
To Heal (And Restore Broken Bodies) 16
Always Loved a Film (version 4) 16 (taken from
Between Stars 16 (combined live and album versions)

Always nice to look at a list like this, since it really differs from the list that I would write down if I was asked to rank the 20 best Underworld tracks.

Old 09-07-2010, 01:45 AM
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Re: Your Most-Listened-To Underworld
Good Morning Cockerel
Best Mamgu Ever
To Heal
Phonestrap 1
Ess Gee
Push Upstairs
Scribble (Radio Edit)
8 Ball
Ring Road
Holding The Moth
Boy, Boy, Boy
Bruce Lee (Short)
Beautiful Burnout
Mo Move
Glam Bucket
Cuddle Bunny vs. The Celtic Villages
Dirty Epic
Faxed Invitation

It's only in the last few years I've really taken to playing mp3 over CD, so it's not an accurate taste of the last 14 years of listening. I can still make two conclusions:
1. I really, really like OWB.
2. I've given Scribble a chance, I really have.
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