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Old 02-22-2006, 10:15 AM
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Default Re: making a resume

Oh and follow up relentlessly. That's how I got my job.
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Old 03-03-2006, 03:01 AM
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Default Re: making a resume

keep the thing sort- dont forget a list the applictions/software u know (very
importent), people in the industy these days are looking for people
that understand how to make stuff... make the resz 1-2 pages... u can
goto 4 pages if u think the read is worth it (for a student i can tell u it
wont be)... layout of your resz is extremly importent... make it look amzing
but dont go to mad (dont bother with colour)- its got to be infomation u
think the job needs to know.. nice layout and u have top result...

cd-rom/dvd and all that- this depends of the job. i personaly cant be
botherd to look a cd-rom resz, there aways crap and a mess. dont bother
taking the risk, if u do one- just make folders of the title of your work, and
put images into the folders (jpg).. keep it simple.. a ppt style with the
same layout of the resz with work is also cool (use flash/director not ppt).

website resz- very very very handy, just convert your resz to a website
or forget the hassle of a website and put a pdf online so people can
download it... this is just handy if u want to get your resz to people all
over the world, it also shows your not a muppet...

there u go- hope that helps
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Old 03-03-2006, 08:49 AM
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Default Re: making a resume

hey - thanks for the info... although I've got to tell you, some of it did come after I had already sent it..

I tried to include any course work from other fields that would tie into the job itself -> for example, I listed a courses where we did behavior modification and manipulation of visual stimuli to distort perception of the world

I also included stuff where like - I worked as a sound designer and that stuff too... just in case, you know?

and I did include a cd of art - but I kept it very simple. I just had 4 folders clearly labeled with jpg's within (and easy titles for everything). I used my own artwork for the case holding the cdr

so like - everything wasn't on a cd... it was like here's my resume and here's a bonus with some of my artwork

and if I do follow-up letters... what should I include in them?
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