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Old 12-20-2018, 07:05 PM
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Default Re: 1998 Rehearsal Romford release!

Originally Posted by khouri View Post
Coincidentally yesterday I was listening to the 1998 Beaucoup Fish "test drive" show at the Mayan in Los Angeles (my first UW show). This rehearsal is meant to be from late 1998 and that show was in November. Really nice to have this companion to the live bootleg. I'd kill for a soundboard recording of that show.
You could have called that the greatest live show they've ever performed and I wouldn't argue against you.
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Old 12-21-2018, 02:12 AM
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Default Re: 1998 Rehearsal Romford release!

Bliss. Never mind the width feel the quality.
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Old 12-21-2018, 08:05 AM
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Default Re: 1998 Rehearsal Romford release!

If i could figure out how to drag and drop a message in my message i'd do it. On the remaster remix disc, the first 8 tracks are solid. The Micronauts remix of Bruce Lee alone is worth the price of admission Which are throw-aways?
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Old 01-01-2019, 06:03 PM
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Default Re: 1998 Rehearsal Romford release!

Micronauts remix is fine, but none of them are more than fine, and most of them are terrible.
To make half of it the final word on the album was a huge waste and I was more or less shell shocked by it.
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Old 01-03-2019, 12:00 PM
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Default Re: 1998 Rehearsal Romford release!

I like a couple of the remixes, but the problem for me really is that they're not Underworld productions. Two whole discs of reworkings by other people makes the set considerably less UW, which isn't what I really want from an UW release. UW's style is so individual and unique, and quite a few of the remixes, although well produced, are considerably more generic in sound. With half of them already released as it is, it just makes those discs relatively uninteresting to return to, in a way that a show like this wouldn't be.
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