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Old 10-08-2010, 08:54 AM
unwound floors
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barbed-wire kisses, memories go right through us
Something I started discussing with one of my best friends a few days ago. Underworld happens to be one of our favourite bands, and given their incredibly expansive back catalogue, both of us have fond memories of making our way through it, with specific songs soundtracking various special moments in our lives.

Going through my Underworld discography tonight is like a trip down memory lane from the past two years. So many small moments in time, so many lyrics that ring true, so many memories that've been soundtracked by Essex's best.

For example: Dark and Long is walking home tipsy from my best friend's eighteenth, three minutes before this incredible late spring thunderstorm broke here in Melbourne, last year. Earbuds jammed in, that song playing as loud as I could stand - I remember feeling those first raindrops on my bare arms, beginning to laugh hysterically, and sprinting all the way home giggling like an idiot, to find flowers and a postcard on my doorstep from a boyfriend who was travelling through England at the time.

Air Towel's lyrics will always remind of summertimes in Melbourne - the small good things you stumble upon, just getting lost in the city with a camera and a roll of film.

Always Loved a Film (Silver Boots) is sitting on a swing in a playground close to my best friend's apartment, catching the first faceful of sunlight in forever during this year's unforgiving winter on a Sunday afternoon tripping like all hell on acid. Watching the trees waving in the wind and singing the lyrics to myself - "I'm a little girl, and I'm a little princess" reminding me that I've still got so much to experience in this world, so many things to discover, so much happiness to find, and that everything would work out fine in the end.

Care to share some of yours?
no words necessary.
Old 10-08-2010, 03:47 PM
Once again the superstar
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Re: barbed-wire kisses, memories go right through us
Listening to all three Riverruns in a row after a nice night out at a seafood restaurant in the middle of winter. The drive home was one of the most peaceful I've ever had - complete with snow starting to fall just as Showlder began. Understandably, I've loved that song ever since.
"What's 'your' good news today?"

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Old 10-08-2010, 07:08 PM
Big Time
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Re: barbed-wire kisses, memories go right through us
I got Everything Everything before i had any other albums. When I was in Secondary School (High school) I remember the morning of my Final Maths exam... being extremely nervous and worried. MY dad had dropped me off at the gate so I had to walk all the way in, I popped on EE and listened from KOS to Cowgirl straight through... it made me calm and distracted me from the worry of my exam.. I remember just ignoring everyone, all my friends and teachers and just sitting there waiting for the time to go into the exam hall... hearing the climax to Rez/cow and feeling happy.

... i aced that exam.
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Old 10-08-2010, 07:31 PM
the mongoose
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Re: barbed-wire kisses, memories go right through us
8 Ball reminds me of a movie called the Beach

Peggy Sussed reminds me of a movie called Sunshine

Born Slippy Nuxx reminds me of a movie called Trainspotting

Oh reminds me of a movie called a Life Less Ordinary

Moaner reminds me of a movie called Batman and Robin

Pearls Girl reminds me of a movie called the Saint

Cowgirl reminds me of a movie called Hackers

Rez reminds me of a movie called Vanilla Sky

Doot Doot reminds me of a movie called Vanilla Sky

Breaking and Entering reminds me of a movie called Breaking and Entering

I've always loved a film!
Romans 6:4

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Old 10-10-2010, 02:57 AM
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Re: barbed-wire kisses, memories go right through us
whistling wind in the ears while climbing crags always reminds of mmm... skyscraper...
rises the spirit greatly.
born slippy - very good toilet song (TL5)
Old 10-10-2010, 09:01 AM
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Re: barbed-wire kisses, memories go right through us
Driving Trains into Liverpool Street. There's enough quotes on journey past Bethnal Green!
In 2002 I had a suicide. Funnily enough i had Two Months Off....
Old 12-30-2010, 04:56 PM
light at heart
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Re: barbed-wire kisses, memories go right through us
Coincidences "at the pavement"

Year 2000 & in times of deep recession I joined a start-up company as VP Sales. Actually I was on the way back to the stage as fitness competitor
and was practising my programme several days a week, but life or me or just simply the circumstances wanted different.
Our product paved the way for a new area within the IT security field, called SSL-VPN and was noticed by IT research companies like Gartner,
so at the age of 35 I decided to concentrate on this venture instead of my fitness come-back.

Notwithstanding hard times our business was doing very well. Unfortunately even the 9/11 catastrophe gave us new customers within a few days
in overseas countries, so I guess we lived up to our company name Lemon Planet pretty well.
My indian colleague told me that in India "lemon" is just as protective against the evil as the "garlic and crucifix" is against the Dracula,
but Lemon Planet was a rather improper name for an IT security company (due to the american "Lemon law") so we changed the name later to PortWise.

Soon we had branches in Mumbai/India and UK and our temporary London office moved from Moorgate to Reading/London.
I will never forget the Stockholm-London trips, daily there and back several times a week, while the press headlines warned for
new terrorist attacks at Heathrow. After those years I knew the stations between Paddington and Reading by heart, I had a British Airways Gold Card
and something people call Experience.

I never made the exit I deserved,
not a bean,
not a red cent
and the only station name I remember today is Slough.

Years later I started to paint again & I still donīt know how it happened or why but one of my paintings suddenly turned out to be a kind of a tribute to that period - the picture of my Lemon Interrupt, my quite quiet Lemon Experience.
During the same period and by chance I also discovered that the music I choose for my fitness programme back in 2000 was actually the intro of
Underworldīs Pearls Girl. I didnīt know about Underworld at that time and honestly, when I heard Karl talking about the "Loud Lemon" later on the radio shows I really thought somebody was joking.
Isnīt life just fascinating?

"down at the pavement where the cracks leak scrambled poetry"
Well, I donīt know if I ever gonna be able to put this into an exquisite verse
or any other things I see and have seen and makes deep marks in me
but I will keep trying...
a bit of life a kiss of love in a tiny circle - o

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