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Old 09-23-2014, 03:25 AM
Troy McClure
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Re: Moaner question
Originally Posted by khouri View Post
Was the Kittens download different than the Beaucoup Fish version? I've always wondered if there's a studio version of the track they play live as it's quite different from the one on the album, and I never actually got that ancient download.
I'm pretty certain the 'Kittens' available for download was the album version.

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Re: Moaner question
Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
I may be mixing up my thoughts, but I sort of remember that 'Please Help Me' was slated to be the last track on Beacoup Fish? But Daz had been playing 'Moaner' at his DJ gigs and had been getting big responses from the crowds. So it was decided to give Moaner a second life on Beacoup Fish. I could be mistaken though.

I remember hearing Moaner for the first time at Twilo in NYC with Daz djing. I'd only heard it from the Batman soundtrack but when he dropped it, the place went absolutely nuts.

edit: wow, i just replied to a 6-year old thread.

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Re: Moaner question
Moaner is a great track, and though it of course doesn't really "flow" in the album, it absolutely had to be on there, imo. A bit like how Born Slippy not being on an album is now an oddity (though now meaningless with the Spotify streaming world), Moaner being associated with the album has surely increased its at-home playtime.

The thing is, it sounds great on headphones or a good stereo, but is an absolutely mental finishing track to a gig. Great stuff.

Originally Posted by potatobroth View Post
edit: wow, i just replied to a 6-year old thread.
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